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Compact Kit - Odor Eliminator & Neutralizer

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For 2 cartridge units: 20.69£ each


The Compact Kit is able to neutralize a space of 20m3, or 710ft3*. (Please refer to the FAQs for understanding odour density) The oils also last between 4- 5 weeks with 24/7 use. 1 hour activation as standard. Comes with a zip tie so you can attach this to your grow tent easily.


Kit Includes:
1 x EME220
1 x COMPACT KIT CARTRIDGE (TNRC-40 40ml / 1.35 Us fl oz)



Reduced price!

THE NEUTRALIZER is designed to eliminate odors from marijuana and is the most advanced professional system for solving these problems. It consists of an EME electronic evaporator and a refill that contains a combination of essential oils capable of neutralizing odors. coming from marijuana.

This combination of essential oils is so effective and so versatile that it can be useful in many occasions, from growing rooms and cabinets with flowering plants, through dryers, or in a good tasting session with friends. . And it is that with 3 models to choose from, we have a NEUTRALIZER for every occasion.

Over the years many products have been developed in relation to this issue, helping to camouflage or eliminate the smell of our plants, but it was not until the appearance of THE NEUTRALIZER, when we were able to enjoy a product specifically developed for the terpene profile of cannabis.

What makes THE NEUTRALIZER unique compared to other odor control systems is that it does not mask the aroma of cannabis with another more powerful odor, on the other hand, it manages to trap and neutralize the odorous molecules of cannabis quickly, effectively and simply, so easy that you only have to connect it to the power outlet, put its switch in the "ON" position and in approximately 1 hour the odor will be eliminated.

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