What do you get when you put together a fishmonger, two mad scientists and two serial entrepreneurs?
We would not have thought so ourselves, but the result was the creation of The Neutralizer.

Faced with an intoxicating smell problem, Jorge the fishmonger, sought help from his mad scientist friends, Antonio and Francisco, both renowned for creating lush and lavish aromas.

Lacking in inspiration and ideas, serial entrepreneurs Aakash and Hiro were summoned in the search for answers and a possible entry to market solution if a viable plan was devised.

A Research and Development plan was then put together to see if the creation of aromas could be reversed in order to solve problems with nasty smells.

We found that most smell have a common odour generating molecule, which is what are able to isolate and Neutralize with our secret formula and patented technology.

In 2012, three years after we decided to challenge the existence of malodours, The Neutralizer was born as was The Neutralizer Team.